Equity and Access

Learning Series

World Enabled and Cities for All partners, hosted “Equity and Access in Times of Pandemic” as a learning series with experts from affected areas to highlight pandemic responses that are inclusive and responsive to persons with disabilities and older persons. The webinar and learning series was supported by active regional WhatsApp Learning Groups.




Middle East

USA & Canada

Asia-Pacific & Australia

Latin America & the Caribbean



Key questions for the WhatsApp regional learning groups and webinar series:

  1. What actions are local governments taking to protect and respond to the needs of persons with disabilities and older persons during the pandemic?
  2. How are local governments engaging with persons with disabilities and older persons to ensure that all pandemic responses are disability-inclusive?
  3. What does an inclusive and accessible COVID-19 response look like at the local level?

Declared Actions for Empowering Local Government in Inclusive Pandemic Response


The Webinar Series launched an open document to align efforts and provide guidance to city leaders around the world. 


It is organized around the six principles of the Global Compact on Inclusive & Accessible Cities to provide actionable interventions that promote inclusive pandemic preparedness and recovery at the local level.


The document offers local government recommendations that are in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the inclusion targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the New Urban Agenda.


The document is currently open for revision. 

Contact us at signup@cities4all.org to provide comments/feedback on the Declared Actions until Monday, June 15th, 2020.

Global Survey on Inclusive and Accessible Pandemic Response


The survey, developed with the World Bank gathers insights on local responses to the Covid-19 outbreak and their alignment to the C4All Global Compact. 


The survey will generate the first globally comparative data on how local municipal Covid-19 responses impacted the lives of persons with disabilities and older persons in order to guide the formulation of evidence-based policies streamlining Inclusion and Accessibility in pandemic responses.


C4All Covid-19 Inclusive & Accessible Cities Survey


For more information please contact us at signup@cities4all.org and help promote the survey in your networks. The survey will close on Monday, June 15th, 2020.

Learning On-Demand

Why Cities Matter? Challenges and opportunities of COVID-19 Pandemic


Content Kick-off meeting gathers Cities For All signatories and partners to coordinate and set goals for coordination taskforce. Challenges and opportunities of the COVID-19 Pandemic for local governments will be discussed.


Outcome: Coordinate commitments, resources, and impact by region and map stakeholders projects 



Urban Access and Non-Discrimination in times of Pandemic


Content:  Identify efforts and the critical role of participation, advocacy and awareness-raising to create equity and access in Pandemic Response.


Outcome:  Document and assess local level pandemic responses to inform more equitable and inclusive short-term and long-term urban development policies.



Resilience and Recovery Planning: Scaling Inclusive Urban Policies and Programs


Content:  Review and Discuss guidelines and standards implemented by local governments that align inclusive recovery & resilience planning with SDG and CRPD.


Outcome:  Identify and align best practices implemented by local governments with the key principles of the C4All Global Compact on Inclusive and Accessible Cities.




Valuing Lives: Combating Myths and Threats to Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities in Local Level Responses

(Asia Focus)


Content:  Investigating the impact of Pandemic on attitudes and public service delivery and the role of implicit bias in pandemic response


Outcome:  Mapping how persons with disabilities and older persons are being affected during emergency response and getting global status updates on negative attitudes from leading cities.



Measuring Access, Equity, and Resilience: Scaling Partnerships for Disability Inclusive Open Data Initiatives


Content: Review disability-inclusive data collection strategies and dissemination platforms to drive inclusive policies, investments, and budget allocations.


Outcome:  Streamlining strategies on data collection, resource mobilization, funding strategies, and budget allocation in times of crisis.



Accessible Online Platforms for Capacity Building and Training with C4A Signatory Cities


Content: Investigate the roles of peer-to-peer learning, urban planners, and professional associations in scaling knowledge transfer.

Outcome:  Delineate actions to provide online training for inclusive urban development, and create platforms for building communities of practice and skills upgrading during times of pandemic.



Technology and other emerging trends for inclusive urban resilience


Content:  Discuss digital inclusion and the role of AI and technologies in easing crises


Outcome:  Identify and feature emerging technologies that can inform/support local governments and delineate strategies to scale accessibility in virtual/online education.



¿Por qué las ciudades importan? Desafíos y oportunidades para respuestas inclusivas y accesibles durante la Pandemia Covid-19 en LATAM (Webinar En Español)

Why Cities Matter? Challenges and opportunities of Covid-19 Pandemic in LATAM (In Spanish)


Contenido: Discusión con actores interesados y aliados de la campaña Cities4All acerca de retos y oportunidades para gobiernos locales durante la Pandemia COVID19.

(Challenges and opportunities of the Covid-19 Pandemic for local governments will be discussed.)


Resultado:  Coordinar compromisos, recursos, e impacto en la región. Además, mapeo de prácticas y proyectos en Latinoamérica.

(Coordinate commitments, resources, and impact in the region and map stakeholders projects.)




 Build Back Better: Defining the new normal for people with disabilities and older persons in local pandemic response


Content:  Review lessons learned and actual responses to pandemic



Global launch with partners Declared Actions and Global Survey for Empowering Local Government in Inclusive Pandemic Response in coordination between municipal governments, industry, academia, and civil society. 


We will share outcomes from regional learning groups and results of 8-week Cities for All Equity and Access in Times of Pandemic Webinar series. In addition, we will highlight UCLG’s Policy Paper and the outcome of the UCLG Town Hall Process including new partnerships with civil society. Share the learnings and global dissemination and following on May 21, 2020, for Global Day of Accessibility. 



The C4All Campaign is coordinated by the WORLD ENABLED as a collaborative global initiative of The Victor Pineda Foundation (VPF). World Enabled is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) strategic research and educational organization celebrating nearly 20 years of informing policy and advising global leaders. WE pioneers tools, methods, and knowledge around access. WE’s mission is to ensure that accessibility is understood as a critical human imperative.